All Diana, German Sports Guns, and Mauser firearms sold by Blue Line hold a limited lifetime warranty. 

All accessories carry a three-month warranty from the date of purchase. 

Proof of purchase is required to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty: Valid proof of purchase is considered as the original sales receipt or a copy of the ATF Form 4473. 

*If proof of purchase has been misplaced, the store where you made the purchase may be able to provide it to you. 


How to contact us and submit your warranty claim form. 

  1. Carefully read the “Terms of Warranty” and “Limitations of Warranty” before submitting your ticket.
  2. Submit a warranty ticket through the Warranty Claim Form (Linked down below)
  3. Please allow at least one week for a warranty representative to get back to you.


For further questions, you can reach out to our warranty department at Warranty@blueline.global




After reviewing the Warranty Claim Form we will determine which of the following warranty procedures will apply, and depending on the problem we will evaluate which solution best applies to your case. 

  • Minor issues: We will either send you instructions by email or contact you by phone to help you resolve the problem.
  • In-house Warranty Repair: If we require you to send us the firearm for warranty repair, we will send you an email with more information and a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Please note, for liability reasons, we may still request the firearm to be shipped to us, even for seemingly “minor repairs”. The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping to Blue Line's Warranty Department. 
  • Parts supply: At our own discretion, for simple repairs that will not carry any liability issues, we may decide to send the necessary parts, so the customer may complete the repair themselves if they choose to do so. Further instructions will be provided at the time.

 Time Frame 

  • It usually takes up to 30 days from the date of receipt, to complete the repair. In rare cases, we might require more time due to possible parts shortages or machining work. Please understand that parts availability not only depends on the manufacturer but also on international shipping delays. Rest assured, that we absolutely do our best to minimize downtime for you. 


Please do not send your firearm until you have received our Return Authorization Number and firearm shipping instructions! Any firearms that we receive that we were not expecting will be returned immediately to the sender at your own cost. 



  • Out of Warranty Repairs: Blue Line understands that you might have purchased a grey market product through no fault of your own. Due to the unknown product origin and potential liability issues, Blue Line requires these firearms to be sent to us regardless of the scale of the issue. Out of Warranty Service flat fee is $85, plus $30 return shipping, plus applicable taxes. Additional charges may apply to machining work. Furthermore, if we deem the product unsafe for further use, we may decide to ship it back to you without performing any work.



  • Blue Line Ltd, warrants all firearms and accessories that are officially imported and exclusively represented by us, on American soil. All firearms are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship. 
  • Blue Line assumes no responsibility for product malfunction, physical injury, or property damage resulting in whole or in part from criminal use, negligent, improper, or careless handling, unauthorized modifications, use of defective, improper, or hand-loaded ammunition, abuse, neglect or any other influences beyond Blue Line’s control. 
  • The warranties covered by Blue Line are implemented and monitored by the foreign manufacturers of all Blue Line imported products. Blue Line reserves the right to deny or decline any warranty services or products that do not meet the warranties implemented by our manufacturers. Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.



  • This warranty grants specific warranty rights to the original retail purchaser only. Lack of proof of purchase will void the warranty and any work performed will be considered an “Out of Warranty Repair”.
  • This warranty does not apply to the normal wear of any parts or surface finish, including metal, wood, plastic, rubber, or other materials. This warranty does not cover repairs related to unreasonable use, corrosion, damage, or barrels damaged by an obstructed bore. It also does not apply to loss or damage suffered during return shipment. Warranty service must be performed by Blue Line’s personnel unless Blue Line has issued written authorization to the customer’s local licensed gunsmith, prior to the work being done. Product modification or disassembly beyond field stripping will void the product's warranty. Products from a grey market origin, or which are deemed to be, re-exported by a third party into America from other countries, will not be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you happen to be in possession of such items, Blue Line will ask you to either address your claim directly with the business from whom the firearm was purchased or to contact Blue Line for our Out of Warranty Repair Service. 
  • Under no circumstances shall Blue Line be held liable for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss, injury, or property damage resulting from the breach of either the express or implied warranty. Use of reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition will void the warranty.


Important Notes:

  1. Blue Line Solutions will not reimburse any charges incurred by the customer previous to sending your firearm to us, i.e. gunsmith fees, cleaning fees, installation fees, shipping charges, etc. 
  2. Please include all the magazines that you use with your gun so our warranty department can perform a complete inspection. 
  3. Please note: that we do not sell individual parts outside of the warranty service. For all parts, we require proof of purchase and a copy of your serial number to confirm the firearm in question was imported and sold by Blue Line.
  4. And lastly, please be sure there are no live rounds shipped with the gun.